ONLYOFFICE is a comprehensive office suite that enables seamless collaboration and document management. It is an innovative solution that combines powerful online editors, robust project management tools and collaboration features, making it the optimal choice for teams and businesses. The developer of this versatile package is Ascensio System SIA.

Key features

  1. Online Document Editors: Provides powerful online editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, so users can create and edit files directly in a web browser.
  2. Collaboration tools: With real-time collaboration features, ONLYOFFICE allows multiple users to work on documents simultaneously, facilitating effective teamwork.
  3. Document Management: Includes robust document management capabilities that allow users to organise, store and access files effortlessly.
  4. Project Management: Integrated project management tools allow teams to plan, execute and monitor projects directly in the platform.
  5. Security and customisability: Prioritises security and its open source code allows for customisation, providing enterprises with tailored solutions.


ONLYOFFICE, developed by Ascensio System SIA, is a versatile and reliable office suite. With powerful online editors, collaboration features and project management tools, ONLYOFFICE fulfils all the requirements of modern collaborative workspaces. Whether you are a freelancer, a small business or part of a large company, provides the tools you need to increase productivity and optimise collaboration in the digital age.